The Ultimate Solution for Your Air Flow Control Problems

The Autoquip Energy Efficient Air Flow Control is a patented device that efficiently controls both air pressure and flow to mechanisms like pneumatically driven motors and cylinders. It’s designed to eliminate problems associated with transferring energy, utilizing pressurized air and pressure controlled regulators.

Autoquip's Air Flow ControlThe Autoquip Air Flow Control incorporates a dual mode combination of a pressure regulator, flow regulator and pneumatic flow switch to accomplish the control. During a stopped or stalled condition the Air Flow Control output pressure is automatically set to an adjustable level. When a change in energy is required, an air flow change is sensed, switching the control of the unit from pressure to flow modulation. During modulation mode the output pressure of the Air Flow Control is adjusted to maintain a specific flow rate and torque. Agitator speed and torque control are systematically regulated.

Watch our above video to learn more about Autoquip’s energy efficient Air Flow Control system or contact us for more information.


  • Systematically controls both air pressure & flow rate
  • Controls static delivery pressure & flow rate dynamically
  • Independent adjustment of static pressure & dynamic flow
  • Reduces pneumatic problems caused by pressure drop hoses
  • Regulates agitator speed & torque control


  • Paint agitator motor speed control
  • Paint pump cycle limit control
  • Paint spray fun atomization rate control
  • Air sander speed control
  • Air tool speed and torque control
  • Air cylinder rate and pressure control
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