1K, 2K Training in Mexico
Autoquip offers high quality operation & maintenance training for 1K or 2K machines to customers who desire continuous improvement cycle.  Most companies have an average personnel turnover of around 5% each year, and new employees will require training to understand process/machine to ensure the quality of companies’ products.
Automated Liquid Paint Line
Autoquip, Inc. (AQ) recently completed an automated liquid paint line at a manufacturing plant in Mexico. This project was delivered on time and within budget. The automated paint line consisted of two zones: Zone 1 is equipped with an Autoquip designed and manufactured four axis horizontal reciprocator; the “Y” axis works independently of each other to track the product.  The gun bars carry and position two Ransburg 268 Rotary Atomizers.
Autoquip De Mexico Participates At Fabtech de Mexico
The Industrially vibrant city of Monterrey Mexico hosted a Fabtech event May 2-4 2017. Within the confines of the Monterrey Cintermex exhibition hall, manufacturing engineers scoped new and exciting fabrication and finishing technologies. The Autoquip De Mexico booth entertained visitors with numerous liquid finishing technological advancements. Autoquip De Mexico General Manager, Carlos Solano, Autoquip Distributor Sales Manager, Tracy Kobel, and Autoquip President, Michael Elberson reviewed Autoquip products and systems that provide exciting ROI (return on investment) propositions.
Autoquip Product Training
This month Autoquip provided product update training at a major Mexican finishing distributor/integrator. The session featured Autoquip coating material and compressed air energy savings technologies. The distributor's salespeople were very excited about the introduction of the Autoquip High Efficiency 5 and 55 Gallon Ergonomic Agitator/Elevator systems with patented Closed Loop Agitation Speed Control . As reported by Autoquip's Mexican General Manager Carlos Solano, energy reductions of 90% are typical over competitive models.
Autoquip Product Training in Mexico
Continuous training is offered by Autoquip to our distributors in Mexico to help better enhance their confidence and knowledge to visualize opportunities and therefore help their customers. During our most recent training, Autoquip’s expertise focused on low Flow applications where flow rates up to 5 cc/min can be accomplished with reliability, high accurate flow control for automatic applications where fluid parameters needs to change in seconds and air savings for paint kitchens/fluid handling where accessories are available.
Autoquip's Solution to Manual Batching
The A component is agitated with an Autoquip High Efficiency Air Motor and speed controlled with a patented Autoquip Dual Mode Regulator. The tank level is monitored by an Autoquip Ultrasonic level measurement probe and the level displayed on a integrated system HMI (Human Machine Interface) screen.
Distributor Trainings at Autoquip
During the spring of 2023 Autoquip held several Distributor training courses with the goal of providing knowledge and understanding of the AQ product line. Some of the topics covered in these sessions include, Fluid Agitation Pail/Pot Lid Lifts, 55 Gallon Drum Lifts, Gun Flush Boxes, Color Valve Stacks, Fluid Regulators, Solvent Scrubbers, Mix Tanks, Manual Spray Gun Governor, Liquid Level Sensor System, 2020 Collaborative Pump, Fluid Dispense System, Plural Component Meter/Mix System
Electric vs. Pneumatic Agitators, What Makes Sense?
As finishers are looking to improve process and save energy, they are exploring their options with agitator technology.  Agitators often account for more than 50% of the consumed air on a finishing system.  Agitator products include lower efficiency vane type pneumatic motors, high efficiency piston type pneumatic and also electric solutions.  When trying to determine the need for an agitator, one must look at budget vs. long term energy conservation.  The decision should also take into account if the installation of the agitator system is new or if it will be replacing an existing motor on a tank or pressure pot.
Paint Flow Control to Improve Transfer Efficiency
Manufacturers applying coatings for cosmetics and or corrosion reasons consider the activity a necessary evil. Strict adherence to process is necessary to achieve results and there are always avenues for improvement. Autoquip provides guidance and technology for accurately controlling fluid and air delivery to spray guns, and through years of experience are world experts in the benefits and RIO of the required technologies.
Sanding and Polishing Robot Systems
If you are taking time from your busy day to read this paper, you probably already know most of the reasons for automating sanding and polishing processes. Labor in most areas of the United States is difficult to find and retain, and manual sanding and polishing requires technique, can be dirty, and is difficult to ergonomically perform. Automated sanding and polishing of metal substrates is decades old technology, and robots have polished aluminum engine castings for at least twenty years. This document primarily focuses on both preparing substrates for a finishing process and repairing finished substrates from a process miscue.  Sanding and polishing robot systems operate on four simple premises. The tool must remain perpendicular to the surface, move at a set speed, at a set pressure, and in a set pattern. Orchestrating the robot cell to repeatedly sand or polish products each and every manufacturing day draws from mechanical engineer, control technologies, physics, and likely some trial and error.
Success Case - Try Before You Buy......
In May 2015, through our Autoquip website, we were contacted by an industrial company that makes washers/dryers, looking for a robust flow control system for their current automated paint application system. Autoquip Mexico (AQM) was very excited to help out. AQM visited the customer with the local distributor and discussed their application process and what the benefits would be for the customer.  AQM presented and explained how and why our gear pump system was the proper solution that could be easily implemented to control material flow.
Use our Demo Equipment to Complete the Sale
Customer concerns can slow the sales process.  If you have quoted an Autoquip product and the customer wants to make sure the equipment will solve the process problem, Autoquip offers one day equipment demonstrations to reduce customer fear.
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