Success Case – Try Before You Buy……

The beginning…..

In May 2015, through our Autoquip website, we were contacted by an industrial company that makes washers/dryers, looking for a robust flow control system for their current automated paint application system. Autoquip Mexico (AQM) was very excited to help out. AQM visited the customer with the local distributor and discussed their application process and what the benefits would be for the customer.  AQM presented and explained how and why our gear pump system was the proper solution that could be easily implemented to control material flow.


Believe in your product…..

Our initial introduction to the customer was due to them moving the paint line from one location to another which would have been the opportune time to address some of the application issues they were experiencing. We felt strongly that the AQ gear pump could fix those application issues, but at that time of the move, the budget was not available. Autoquip personnel was very confident that our equipment was a perfect fit and a perfect solution for the customer. AQM continued to pursue the project and worked with the local distributor to allow us to visit again with the customer. After the visit, with customer input, everyone agreed to trial AQ’s 2K DEMO unit, model SDP-2000, and everyone felt confident that we could improve/optimize their process. Autoquip installed, integrated, and field supported the trial at no cost. The current equipment did not have flow control. The demonstration lasted a few weeks, the customer gave us a vote of confidence and then the magic happened……The customer was collecting data and comparing the data to the current equipment in use. During the demonstration, customers had the chance to collect data, such as, paint savings per part number, faster color change, less solvent usage when doing color change, better quality (appearance, film thickness) and less adjustments during the production shift (flow adjustments). With this information, the customer created a business case for their management staff and shared the data that made the investment feasible to purchase new 2K equipment.


Believe in your product…..

2K DEMO equipment was manufactured and installed June of 2020


The results…..

The Paint ME gathered all the information and presented the data to get approval for the investment. In December 2022, top management authorized the investment for 2K system upgrade. Autoquip, our distributor and customer worked together to create a detailed work plan to complete the project without any interruptions to the production schedule. It took AQM several visits to the plant to finish the schedule for implementation. It was a challenging project and after a rough start everything went well because of the expertise, support, and teamwork of Autoquip/Distributor/Customer. The investment was approximately

$250K USD and the ROI was an outstanding 1.2 years.


Old equipment


New equipment (SDP-2000)


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