Distributor Trainings at Autoquip

During the spring of 2023 Autoquip held several Distributor training courses with the goal of providing knowledge and understanding of the AQ product line. Some of the topics covered in these sessions include, Fluid Agitation Pail/Pot Lid Lifts, 55 Gallon Drum Lifts, Gun Flush Boxes, Color Valve Stacks, Fluid Regulators, Solvent Scrubbers, Mix Tanks, Manual Spray Gun Governor, Liquid Level Sensor System, 2020 Collaborative Pump, Fluid Dispense System, Plural Component Meter/Mix System

There was an emphasis to educate the attendees to learn and understand the technology behind the new 2020 Collaborative Pump. This 2020 Metering Mix System is designed to provide superior control of single and plural component ratios and flow rates. The fluid metering system uses sequential batch metering to accurately dispense and mix resin and hardener on-ratio regardless of the varying flow rates seen in real world paint applications. This precise and reliable electronic multi component system can be used for a broad range of solvent borne, waterborne, and acid catalyzed materials.

With 4-6 hours of classroom time and 3-4 hours of demonstration/hands on training, the distributor was introduced to the many different technologies available to solve customer custom application processes for their material or products. These classroom presentations typically resulted in many discussions on how the technology works, why it was designed and what markets each system could help with customer application issues.

Attendees participated in live product demonstrations and product knowledge sessions. Autoquip’s objective is for distributors to acquire knowledge to provide their customers with proper machine selection for various applications.

There are three more opportunities to attend a learning session. Autoquip has scheduled classes for the fall of 2023, starting in October.


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