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Autoquip has been designing, engineering and manufacturing industrial paint products for the liquid color change market for over 50 years. Our innovative product line includes an array of Fluid Handling & Metering systems, energy efficient Air Controls & Accessories and robust Robotic Systems & Reciprocators.
From mix paint tanks, color change valves and reciprocators, to efficient air flow controls, paint agitator motors and automated paint equipment, our systems deliver reliable, high value performance with long life cycles.
Agitator Motors
Autoquip offers a line of different sized air motors to match your unique speed and torque application requirements. Our energy efficient piston design consumes less air so you can reduce air motor consumption up to 15x more than other brands.
Color Valves and Stacks
Autoquip’s Color Change Manifolds and Valves offer high quality performance and multiple options that provide versatility for a broad range of applications. Our color change valves and manifolds are engineered to provide a method of commuting a number of colors together into a single connection point, allowing a selection of an individual color and/or flushing of a color.
Fluid Metering
Miscellaneous Paint Equipment
Mix Room Equipment
Reciprocators & Accessories
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