Manufacturers applying coatings for cosmetics and or corrosion reasons consider the activity a necessary evil. Strict adherence to process is necessary to achieve results and there are always avenues for improvement.

Autoquip provides guidance and technology for accurately controlling fluid and air delivery to spray guns, and through years of experience are world experts in the benefits and RIO of the required technologies.

In most finish applications the coating type and film thickness required is substrate based. The coating for harsh automotive conditions requires substantial ultraviolet protection. Plastics typically require less film for appearance than metal parts but the same or more UV protection.

Coating manufacturers attempt to formulate products with large process windows. Part cleanliness, ambient conditions, and applicator adjustments are all tested and blends adjusted to improve success when the coating parts on the manufacturing floor.

To insure success in a factory, applying coatings manually, a quality coating provides a wide window in thickness beyond coverage before sagging occurs. Hand spray associates apply the coating using the appropriate spray tool modifying spray gun to target distance, coating overlap, and applicator speed to obtain an acceptable finish.

In most facilities the spray tool parameters are manually adjusted. Each sprayer chooses their own fluid and atomization air pressure to determine paint particle and fan size. Spray tools design, like coatings formulations, are designed to achieve success with a wide adjustment window. The downside of versatility is the ability to adjust into inefficiency, or worse, process failure. Anyone familiar with sawing wood knows the disaster from pushing a saw blade too quickly.

Autoquip provides technology to automate and lock down manual spray gun processes. The systems monitor and maintain spray gun paint and airflow, usually resulting in more than 15% reduction in coating usage and more than 5% improvement in first pass yield. Autoquip also offers automated manual gun color change with Gun Flushing Boxes, relieving the sprayer from tedious error producing manual controlling of valves. Loading paint to a spray gun beyond necessary volume typically costs $1- $2 per second. An Autoquip spray gun process and automated color change system can provide RIO in a few months.

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