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5 Gallon Pail Lift System
The Autoquip Ergonomic 5 Gallon Pail Lift System was designed with the operator in mind. The dual position lift system eliminates the task of lifting heavy lids, making it easy to change from one pail to another. The dual pail design allows the operator to quickly replace an empty pail resulting in less down time. The Autoquip Ergonomic 5 Gallon Pail Lift System is an excellent tool to improve safety, reduce operator fatigue and improve your overall finishing operation. System can be outfitted with an Autoquip Piston Air Engine which greatly reduces compressed air consumption.
55 Gallon Elevator System
Autoquip has developed a complete line of 55 gallon single post elevators for lifting 55 gallon cover-mounted pump and agitator systems. The pneumatic lifting device easily raises and lowers the agitation system during the drum change-out process. The operational controls are centrally located and designed to restrict activation of the agitator while the drum cover is in the raised position, reducing exposure to rotating components decreasing injuries and spills. The elevator can be furnished alone or as an assembly. It uses a leak-free oil-less gearbox that prevents material contamination and is designed with a center pick up that allows material transfer though agitator shaft. Our 55 gallon drum system uses the Autoquip energy efficient pneumatic-driven piston air motor for agitation of the paddle(s) to efficiently mix coating, and is mounted to a pneumatic lifting device to raise and lower the assembly from a drum.
Brush Tip Cleaner
The Autoquip Brush Tip Cleaner is designed to greatly improve the finish quality and reduce paint defects in your finishing operation. The Brush Tip Cleaner removes hard to clean paint overspray from the applicator air cap and fluid tip area. Clean air caps atomize better and reduce gun spits. This consistently increases the finish quality of the parts and dramatically reduces rejects and reworks.
Closed Loop RPM Control
Autoquip has developed a combination air regulator/flow meter that when used in conjunction with the Autoquip Piston Air Engine will maintain a consistent agitator RPM speed. Fluid agitator speeds can vary up to 400 RPM depending on the liquid level in the vessel. This can cause trapped air or foaming in the material creating possible defect in the finished product. The Autoquip Closed Loop RPM Control dramatically reduces the RPM variance creating a consistent mix regardless of liquid level.
Dispense Pump
The Autoquip Automatic Dispense Pumping System offers the most accurate and repeatable f luid dispensing. Typically used for low flow dispensing of catalyst in 2 component mixing. The dispense design is a syringe and value based system that can be used for batch dispense, manual application or robotic applications.
ECO-1M Piston Air Engine
The Autoquip ECO-1M reduces air motor consumption up to 15 times more than other brands. The #1 air engine has been developed for special applications
ECO-2M Piston Air Engine
The Autoquip ECO-2M reduces air motor consumption up to 15 times more than other brands. The #2 air engine has been developed for special applications
ECO-3M Piston Air Engine
The Autoquip ECO-3M reduces air motor consumption up to 15 times more than other brands. The #3 air engine has been developed for special applications .
ECO-7M Piston Air Engine
The Autoquip ECO-7M reduces air motor consumption up to 15 times more than other brands. The #7 air engine has been developed for heavy duty stirring applications
Fluid Regulator
The Autoquip Fluid Regulator is designed to provide extremely accurate fluid regulation for automatic coating applications. The Autoquip design has eliminated the spring from the fluid section which greatly reduces the amount of trapped resins, reducing flushing time and spent solvents during color change. Pilot signals can modulate the regulator’s diaphragm to control the amount of paint being delivered from the regulator to the spray applicator. Manually operated or electronically controlled air pressure regulators can be utilized to control the pilot signal for pumps, tanks, or any size circulation system.
Gear Pump
The Autoquip Gear Pump fluid delivery system is designed to provide accurate and consistent f luid delivery of 1k, 2k or 3k coatings. The stepper motor driven gear pump provides extremely fast response times for precise robotic finishing applications. Programmable fluid f low rates and fast response times can dramatically reduce the consumption of today’s high cost, complex coatings. The Allen Bradley controls platform allows for easy integration into the simplest or the most sophisticated finishing operations.
Gun Flush Box
The Autoquip Gun Flush Box provides manual paint operators a hands-free method to change color. The easy twist handle is ergonomically friendly for the operator and allows easy access to place or remove the gun from the box. Autoquip offers gun inserts for many commonly used guns, both conventional and electrostatic. The Autoquip Gun Flush Box is easily integrated with an Autoquip color change waste recovery system to reduce VOC emissions and safely handle hazardous waste.
Liquid Level Sensing System
Our system provides a real time measurement of fluid levels in hazardous and non-hazardous conditions. Using radar technology to continually monitor up to 16 tanks when properly configured. Operator configurable High/Low warning and alarm points with visual and audible alarms. Five programmable solenoid outputs available to activate transfer pumps, air cut off valves, agitators, or many other pneumatic devices. This system provides a compact and simple to use package that can be easily customized for tanks of varying depths.
Manual Color Select System
The Autoquip Manual Color Select System provides manual operators with a fast and efficient means of changing paint color. The pneumatic control box can be mounted in the spray booth giving the operator full control of up to six colors with solvent and air. The simplistic operation allows the operator to fine tune each color change resulting in reduced paint usage, less solvent consumption and faster color change times.
Mix Tank
Autoquip manufactures a high-quality 304 stainless-steel skirted Mix Tank. Configurations include flat or dome tops in sizes ranging from 5 to 700 gallons. These tanks are most commonly used in the paint kitchen as day tanks, but are also used as color change waste collection tanks. Available in multiple configurations and can be outfitted with the air saving Autoquip Piston Air Engine.
Modular Director Stack
The Autoquip modular director stack can be used by customers on their robotic arm or automated spraying reciprocators. The director stack is best utilized with companies that either have multiple color changes per shift, or have multiple colors with the stacks mounted outside the booth, or have long color lines to the robot gun. This director stack system can be used with two guns on EOAT or a dual purge applicator.
Piggable Color Stack
The Autoquip For customers who use circulation systems, numerous painting stations, and need to change coatings often, Autoquip offers a unique “Piggable” color change system. Our Piggable circulation/color change system differs from a conventional system during the flushing of the circulation pipe. In a conventional circulation system, the flushing starts with an air blast chasing some of the coating from the tube, followed by pumping many gallons of flush solvent to remove the remaining coating. Autoquip’s “Piggable” circulation system introduces a foam plug “Pig” to shove nearly all of the coating out of the pipe in one quick operation.
Pressure Pot Lift System
The Autoquip Pressure Pot Lift System is designed to aid the operator in the back breaking pressure pot refilling process. This system eliminates placing the pressure pot lid on the floor where it can get damaged and create a large hazardous mess to clean up. Effortless and safely refill the pot tank while the lid is up and out of the way. System can be outfitted with an Autoquip Piston Air Engine which greatly reduces compressed air consumption.
Solvent Scrubber
The Autoquip Solvent Scrubber will operate with plant air and solvent which feeds directly into the valve’s internal flow control. Output cleaning pressure is adjustable from the supplied manual air regulator and will internally adjust volume for desired cleaning effectiveness. This device can reduce solvent usage up to 40% over flushing with straight solvent.
Standard Color Stack
Autoquip’s standard color stack has a modular design which allows for all the customer color change needs for fluid supply. Valve assemblies can be configurated and are easily expanded if the need arises to add more colors to the pallet. A wide variety of color blocks, adapters, & fittings provide the flexibility for all application processes.
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