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The Autoquip Brush Tip Cleaner is designed to greatly improve the finish quality and reduce paint defects in your finishing operation. The Brush Tip Cleaner removes hard to clean paint overspray from the applicator air cap and fluid tip area. Clean air caps atomize better and reduce gun spits. This consistently increases the finish quality of the parts and dramatically reduces rejects and reworks.

  • Works with conventional or electrostatic spray guns
  • Configurable for single or dual head spray guns
  • Compatible with solvent or water base coatings
  • Floor or wall mount brackets
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Application specific adjustable RPM brush speed
  • Models for manual and automatic guns
  • Efficiently removes coating materials from applicator air cap
  • Minimal solvent usage for reduced VOC emissions
  • Air driven multi-directional wet brush removes hard to clean overspray from air caps
  • Air supply is recommended to be flow controlled 80 PSI (max.)
  • Air should be clean, dry and lubricated
  • Recommended detergent SAE #10 air tool oil


Air Flow Switch
Cap Cleaner
Gun Flush Box
Paint Waste System
Solvent Scrubber

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