Cap Cleaner

Autoquip Brush Tip Cleaner

Autoquip offers a combination solvent and air spray jet cleaning device engineered for strength and durability. Its modular design and solid steel construction with Teflon coating make clean-up fast and easy. Our gun tip cleaner also has an optional control that provides a direct interface into your robotic system.

  • Flanged connection to waste system
  • Bulkhead fittings for ease of installation
  • Teflon coating for ease of cleaning and durability
  • Single solvent/air tip assembly for simple operation
  • Venturi vacuum to reduce solvent vapors on the coated parts
  • Improves robotic cell uptime by reducing manual air cap cleaning operations
  • Increased safety to reduce personal exposure to robotic equipment
  • Powerful spray jet cleaning configuration, available for single or dual spray atomizers
  • Built MIMI on/off and flow rate valve eliminates the need for external fluid regulators or other external valves to make the system work
  • Pressurized solvent and air
  • Flange matches standard 2” threaded pipe flange
  • 24 VDC solenoids for solvent, air and vacuum air triggering
  • Control panel to sequence regulated solvent, air volumes and control vacuum levels


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Brush Tip Cleaner
Gun Flush Box
Paint Waste System
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