Compressed Air Costing Too Much?

Compressed air is a convenient method of transferring power, but it can also be very costly. Autoquip offers a high efficiency agitation system that utilizes a self-lubricating piston-style air motor. Our quiet, piston air motor produces high toque at low RPM, eliminating the need for a gear reducing transmission.

Autoquip offers a line of different sized air motors to match your unique speed and torque application requirements. Our energy efficient piston design consumes less air so you can reduce air motor consumption up to 15x more than other brands.


Reduce Air Motor Consumption Up to 15 Times More than Other Brands

Our quiet piston motor produces high torque at low RPM, eliminating the need for a gear reducing transmission. Its lube-free, durable design eliminates the need for oilers.

Autoquip couples the high efficiency piston motor with our patented dual-mode Closed Loop RPM Control that monitors the flow rate of air to the piston motor and adjusts output pressure as the flow changes. The net result is a more constant RPM, regardless of required mixing torque. Our systems are offered in catalyst or mix tank configurations.


  • Standard #3 size air motor. Other sizes available for special applications.
  • Highly efficient piston design consumes less air
  • Aluminum, bronze, steel and plastic components
  • Smoother and quieter operation
  • Closed loop speed control with optional regulator
  • Lube free design eliminates the need for oilers
  • Durable cam design provides long life
  • Tank conversion kits available for most agitation applications


  • 3077-HAE3-000: Size 3 Air Engine


  • 3077-BP05-300: fits Binks 5 Gal Pressure Tank
  • 3077-BP10-300: fits Binks 10 Gal Pressure Tank
  • 3077-BP15-300: fits Binks 15 Gal Pressure Tank
  • 3077-GP05-300: fits Graco 5 Gal Pressure Pot
  • 3077-GP10-300: fits Graco 10 Gal Pressure Pot
  • 3077-GP15-300: fits Graco 15 Gal Pressure Pot
  • 3077-2B55-300: fits 55 Gal Lid w/ 2″ Bung
  • 3077-AE55-300: fits 55 Gal Lid
  • 3077-BK55-300: fits Binks 55 Gal Open Drum
  • 3077-IB55-300: fits 55 Gal in Barrel
  • 3077-AQ10-300: fits AQ 10 Gal Mix Tank
  • 3077-AQ15-300: fits AQ 15 Gal Mix Tank
  • 3077-AQ20-300: fits AQ 20 Gal Mix Tank
  • 3077-AQ30-300: fits AQ 30 Gal Mix Tank
  • 3077-AQ60-300: fits AQ 60 Gal Mix Tank
  • 3077-AQ80-300: fits AQ 80 Gal Mix Tank


  • 3077-RKT3-000: Size 3 Rebuild Kit
  • 3077-INST-000: Size 3 Installation Kit
  • 3077-BSA3-000: Size 3 Body Sub-Assembly Kit
  • KQ2H11-U02A: 1/4″ Uni Fitting, Male, Straight
  • 3114-CLR3-000: 3/8″ Closed Loop RPM Control



  • Temperature Range: 14ºF to 176ºF (-10ºC to 80ºC)
  • Height: 8.25”
  • Diameter: 8.0”
  • Weight: 8.4 lbs
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