Superior Flow Control and Precision

The Autoquip Auto/Manual Single or Multi Component Metering Mix System is designed to provide superior control of single and plural component ratios and flow rates. Our fluid metering system uses real-time metering to accurately dispense and mix the resin and hardener on-ratio, regardless of the varying flow rates seen in real world paint applications.

The mix manifold is designed to optimize mix quality and keep material separated until entry to the static mixer, minimizing internal volume by receiving Resin (Component A) and Hardener (Component B) continuously. This precise and reliable electronic multi component system can be used for a broad range of solvent borne, waterborne, and acid catalyzed materials. The system is easily set up and operated with a 7” touch screen, with system parameters and usage data easily available. Ratio assurance with built-in system safeguards provides process feedback, effective color change solution and material tracking and reporting.





Autoquip 1K, 2K, 3K Systems

Autoquip offers a wide variety of automatic dispensing modules providing high accuracy of individual to multiple material ratio batching. Installed as bench type, the equipment may be operator initiated or via robotic control.

The Autoquip Batch Dispense Module uses positive displacement flow meters and pumps in lieu of electronic scales eliminating specific gravity input and associated inherent inaccuracy. Autoquip pump modules provide accuracy not achievable with electronic scale systems.


  • Standard Interactive Graphic Display for ratio programming, operator feedback, and equipment diagnostics
  • Flushable fluid manifold with optional integrated solvent air flush and dump valve
  • Linear servo stepper motor for high accuracy (resolutions to .0006 cc and flow rates less than 1 cc per minute
  • Integrated electronic input/output pressure transducers for process information & error detection
  • System control for efficient interface to robots and machines
  • Purged configurations available for Class 1 and Class 2 hazardous areas
  • Modularized for flexibility – Flow Meter, Gear Pump, and Dual Acting Shot Meter Pump combine for high accuracy multiple component systems
  • Stainless wetted components compatible with even aggressive fluids
  • Compact design reduces factory foot print
  • Constant cylinder packing lubrication for long life

Autoquip Collaborative™ Pump and Control System

The Autoquip 3100-00-00A 500 CC per minute maximum flow. The Autoquip patent pending Collaborative™ Pump provides a pulse free constant flowrate rate to process equipment. The pump housing components are available in plastic, aluminum, and stainless with a number of different polymer and elastomer wetted surfaces. The Autoquip Collaborative™ pump has no external seals for best in class abrasive and moisture cure fluid applications.


  • Conventional pumping systems reciprocating motion produce unwanted fluid output pressure drops negatively effecting process control.


  • The Autoquip Collaborative™ Pump and control system smooths the pulses by overlapping the pump cycles at pump change over. Additionally, pump position sensors monitor travel generating volume and rate information. If desired the rate can be controlled by modulating the pumping pressure accordingly.

The Starting Position Cycle is the initial pump cycle. Once fluid movement commences the starting cycle is removed.


The Pumping A Only Cycle provides a programmable fluid pressure and if desired rate to the spray gun. A position sensor monitors the volume pumped and steps the cycle at a predetermined pump A volume output.


The Pumping A Plus B Cycle is the second run time pumping cycles. The Pumping A Plus B Cycle eliminates fluid pressure degradation experienced with conventional double diaphragm pumps by allowing the pump B to reach process pressure before pump A is retracted and filled.


The Pumping B Cycle provides a programmable fluid pressure and if desired rate to the spray gun. A sensor on pump B monitors the volume pumped and steps the cycle at a predetermined volume output.


  • Control Voltage: 110 VAC
  • Minimum Supply Pressure: 50 PSI
  • Maximum Supply Pressure: 105 PSI
  • Max Pump Fluid Pressure = Supply Pressure
  • Pump Air Motor: Aluminum
  • Pump Housing Wetted Materials: Aluminum, Stainless, Polypropylene
  • Diaphragm Materials: Neoprene, Buna, PTFE, Hytrol, Santoprene
  • Check Valve Seats: PTFE, Stainless, Neoprene
  • Check Valve Balls: PTFE, Stainless, Neoprene

Autoquip Metering Technology uses precision engineered gear and proprietary dual acting piston pumps, flow meters and control systems that move, measure and dispense high value coatings.

Within the pump and flow metering world, we are recognized for our expertise in the precise handling of challenging low flow applications. Our core capabilities support worldwide growth in adhesive and coating industries, particularly the automotive, recreational, agricultural and construction, wood, and general industrial manufacturing sectors. With applications on most continents, we work continuously with our customers to develop the right applied solution to meet their specifications, anywhere in the world.

Gear Pump Metering Applications

Autoquip manufactures a wide array of gear pump sizes and construction. Autoquip has experience in precision metering of most fluids including coatings, sealants and adhesives, and additives. Using flow meter feedback Autoquip offers closed loop control of the gear pump, automatically adjusting the pump calibration value for wear. Autoquip also offers inlet pressure balancing for metering of thin materials.

Dual Acting Piston Pump Metering Applications

Autoquip manufactures a proprietary ultra-low flow, high accuracy, positive displacement dispenser pump for metering applications. The Autoquip dispenser meters even low viscosity materials in a sub CC range. The unit can be used in stand alone or meter mix applications. The Autoquip dispenser employs pressure transducers for process control and fault detection.

Multiple Component Meter Mix Applications

Autoquip integrates metering equipment into customer centric single or multiple component meter mix solutions. All Autoquip pumps are mounted on a common mounting plate allowing for mix and matching of the technologies. To accommodate future process changes pump software and drives are common and allow for customer field exchanges.

Common Control System

Control systems are off-the-shelf controls and are expandable and less likely to become obsolete. Autoquip offers several sizes of Operator Interfaces and a computer interface to record and catalog material usage information.

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