Gun Flush Box


The Autoquip Gun Flush Box provides manual paint operators a hands-free method to change color. The easy twist handle is ergonomically friendly for the operator and allows easy access to place or remove the gun from the box. Autoquip offers gun inserts for many commonly used guns, both conventional and electrostatic. The Autoquip Gun Flush Box is easily integrated with an Autoquip color change waste recovery system to reduce VOC emissions and safely handle hazardous waste.

  • Easily collect color change waste
  • Reduce VOC emissions
  • Visual In-Cycle indicator
  • Compatible with automatic color change sequencer
  • Compatible with Select-a-Color manual color change system
  • Easily integrates with an AQ waste recovery system
  • Heavy duty welded construction
  • Ergonomically friendly twist handle
  • Compatible with solvent or water base coatings
  • For conventional or electrostatic applicators
  • Gun inserts for most major brands and models
  • Model of manual spray gun
  • HMI or pneumatic switch required for selecting color change sequence and new color
  • Multiple gun flush boxes if using different manual spray guns
  • Waste collection pail or tank


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Brush Tip Cleaner
Cap Cleaner
Paint Waste System
Solvent Scrubber

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