Horizontal Reciprocators

  • Analog gun controls
  • Color change controls
  • Partline tracking
  • Variable carriage speed adjustment
  • Vertical gun triggering control
  • Lead and lag control
  • Vertical carriage adjustment
  • Automatic conveyor speed adjustment
  • Spray overlap control
  • Multiple part recipes
  • Multiple part identification configurations

When the finishing line requires automation and the production rate or product mix are not conducive to a robot system, reciprocators (gun movers) are often used. The best reciprocator features ultra-heavy duty components, large load carrying capacity and a control system that offers versatility and expandability.

Reciprocators are primarily configured into short and long stroke configurations and are orientated either vertically or horizontally. Short stroke systems usually carry heavier spray guns like rotary atomizers and long stroke machines move air atomized, air airless, or HVLP tools.

  • Direct user control interface panel
  • Lengths available 3-6 feet
  • Steel NEMA 12 control enclosure
  • Solvent resistant exterior paint
  • Bulkhead fittings for both Inlet and process hoses
  • Fast speed (60 IPS) – Long stroke
  • Counter balanced gun bar – improves acceleration / deceleration
  • Adjustable acceleration / deceleration settings in both directions
  • Reversing motor configuration
  • Hardened guide rails-cam bearing gun bar mechanism
  • Programmable stroke length
  • Electric driven via explosion proof variable speed motor
  • Solid state motor drive with dynamic braking system


Reciprocators (Gun Movers)
Vertical Reciprocators

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