Large Ported Color Change Manifolds

Versatile Design. Heavy Duty Stainless Construction.

Autoquip’s Color Change Manifolds and Valves offer high quality performance and multiple options that provide versatility for a broad range of applications. Our color change valves and manifolds are engineered to provide a method of commuting a number of colors together into a single connection point, allowing a selection of an individual color and/or flushing of a color. Color manifold technology is application dependent. Selecting incorrectly can cost the user more in initial installation, thousands per week in additional waste, and ongoing lost compressed air energy. To tailor each customer system individually, Autoquip offers a wide variety of color change manifolds and color change designs.

The base of each color change design is a time tested cartridge style color change valve. Autoquip has implemented tens of thousands of the Autoquip 3066 Cartridge Valve. The Autoquip success is simple. We provide a rugged stainless steel wetted valve with only Teflon and UHMW components. The valve provides high flow, requires little compressed air to actuate, a visual indicator to verify actuation, and is easy and inexpensive to rebuild.

The Autoquip 3066 valve is paired with the appropriate manifold(s) for the application. Autoquip is the only color change system manufacturer with both small and large ported manifolds, manifolds with a wide variety of fluid connection, specialty manifolds for remote flushing, and piggable manifolds.

Autoquip color change solutions reduce equipment cost, installation cost, color change waste, flushing and loading time, and maintenance cost.

  • Large ported color change manifolds reduce circulation drop
  • Used for ring line circulation systems, large flow capacity and/or viscous materials
  • Mounting holes provides an easy means of mounting
  • 3/8 NPT ports standard, larger options available on request
  • Available with stainless tube connectors
  • Uses Autoquip’s standard stainless steel cartridge valve


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Modular Director Stacks
Piggable Valves & Manifolds
Stainless Steel Poppet Style Color Change Valves

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