Manual Color Select System


The Autoquip Select-A-Color System provides manual operators with a fast and efficient means of changing paint color. The pneumatic control box can be mounted in the spray booth giving the operator full control of up to six colors with solvent and air. The simplistic operation allows the operator to fine tune each color change resulting in reduced paint usage, less solvent consumption and faster color change times.

  • Reduces color change time
  • Dramatically reduce color change waste
  • Solvent or water base coatings
  • Wetted components are 300 grade stainless steel or PTFE
  • Compatible with Autoquip waste recovery system
  • Use with high flow or standard color stacks
  • Class 1, Div 1 location rating
  • Configurable design
  • Significant VOC reduction
  • Compatible with Autoquip Gun Flush Box


Catalyst Poppet Color Valves
Large Ported Color Change Manifolds
Modular Director Stacks
Piggable Valves & Manifolds
Stainless Steel Poppet Style Color Change Valves

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