Safe, Simple and Easy to Maintain

Manually collecting and transporting flushing solvent and spent coatings can generate safety and environmental concerns. Autoquip offers engineered solutions for mechanizing paint waste collection that vastly reduce mishap possibilities. Autoquip waste collection systems are safe, simple, easy to maintain, and quickly cost justifiable.

Our system offers a fast return on investment and can easily be installed during production with minimal start-up and training costs.

Automate Flushing & Waste Collection

In most manual gun waste installations, the system employs an Autoquip Gun Flush Box (GFB), which captures the waste coating and solvent during flushing and loading. The GFB also manages the spray gun air and trigger control, while improving operator ergonomic issues and removing control from the operator. The Gun Flush Box control, in conjunction with a Color Change Manifold, automatically cycles the correct material during the flush and load process. The GFB Control also operates a waste pump and, if installed, monitors a non-contacting level sensor at the waste collection point.

Autoquip offers barrel and tank waste collection systems. Our paint waste systems can be easily installed, with no interruptions to production, and start up and training can be accomplished in only a few hours.

Autoquip also offers automatic or robotic system waste collection systems. We can either integrate into the existing cleaner or provide an Autoquip cap cleaner as part of your waste system.

A Fully Automated Flushing Process

Automatic flushing and waste collection provides quick return on investment (ROI). Utilizing an Autoquip GFB, Autoquip Color Manifold, and GFB Control, the flushing process is fully automated. The amount of solvent and coatings spent for a flush and load operation is optimized, and then the spent materials can be safely transported to an approved waste container.

In many cases, Autoquip has reduced the spent waste by more than 50%, providing a better than one year RIO.

The spraying operation benefits from reduced manual labor, an improved spraying process, and the reduced possibility of a hazardous spill and resulting fire due to the spill.

Autoquip also offers an optional data collection of the spent materials, further reducing environmental recording and possible accounting issues. For more information, refer to our Autolog System.

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