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For customers who employ circulation systems, numerous painting stations, and need to change coatings often, Autoquip offers a unique “Piggable” color change system.

Our Piggable circulation/color change system differs from a conventional system during the flushing of the circulation pipe. In a conventional circulation system, the flushing starts with an air blast chasing some of the coating from the tube, followed by pumping many gallons of flush solvent to remove the remaining coating. Autoquip’s “Piggable” circulation system introduces a foam plug “Pig” to shove nearly all of the coating out of the pipe in one quick operation.

In a “Piggable” system each color pipe employs a pumping module, pig launcher, and pig receiver. The system greatly reduces flushing waste and required color-change time by recovering around 96% of the coating each color change – normally consuming less than 1 gallon of solvent per flush/load cycle.

Pigging is not a new technology. Pigs have been used in the pipeline industry for decades. A paint pig, normally a bullet-shaped polyurethane foam object is shot through the paint circulation system at the end of a color run via compressed air followed by a minimal amount of solvent to force paint out of the lines. The pig normally travels through the entire line in less than a minute. Pipeline pigs can be huge, paint circulation pigs less than 0.375” to 1.0 in. The pig O.D. is slightly larger than the I.D. of the tubing to be cleaned ensuring a good seal against the tubing wall. After the “pig” removes the coating a short burst of air and solvent through the system finishes the cleaning process.


Autoquip manufactures a series of special components and valves to allow the pig to pass through the entire color-change system. Air-tight, quick-disconnect fittings and integrated pig launch and retrieval help cut color-change time to less than 15 min.

Autoquip is the only manufacturer offering a wide size variety of Piggable Manifolds, Launchers, and Receivers. Correctly sizing the Pigging System to the application optimizes the savings. If the painting system requires a ½” tube and a ¾” is installed, the required paint batch is larger to fill the circulation system, a larger pump is needed, additional compressed air energy is required to circulate the coating, the larger tube surface generates larger residual paint waste, and more solvent is required to flush to old coating.

Autoquip offers a patented pump air control system to eliminate pump runaway during flushing and loading operations. 

Autoquip can supply equipment with engineering assistance, installation of purchased systems, or complete system integration.


A Piggable Color Changer assembly is designed for use within a coating circulating system. Machined from 300 series stainless steel for corrosion, abrasion resistance and continuous use. The Piggable Color Change System is built to install on popular circulation system tubing centers using either sanitary fittings or specially designed stainless steel O-Ring fittings.


The 300 series stainless steel constructed “Pig” launcher provides an efficient entry path for the “Pig.” Normally a pig is inserted in the Pig Launcher prior to introduction of the coating to the circulation system. The “Launch” is the first step in the circulation system color change process using the pig to clear the coating from the exit of the pump to the entry of the back pressure regulator.


The 300 series stainless steel constructed “Pig” receiver is installed at the end of the circulation system catching the “Pig.” The “Pig” receiver is installed prior to the back pressure regulator and includes a visual point for the operator to verify the “Pig” has returned.


A System Module is an integrated package of Circulation pump, Pig Launcher, Pig Receiver, Special Paint Filter, Patented Paint Pump Air Flow Control, Piggable Fluid On/Off Valves, Flexible Pump Connections, and Quick Disconnect Fittings.

  • Air Tight, Efficient System
  • Quick Disconnect Settings
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Greatly Reduce Flushing Waste
  • Cut Color Change Time
  • Wide Variety of Sizes Available
  • All stainless construction
  • Available in Integral Dump Configuration
  • Standard sizes include: 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″ and 1″
  • Sanitary or compression tube connections
  • Combinable with Non Piggable Systems
  • Uses Autoquip’s standard stainless steel cartridge valve


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