Autoquip’s Solution to Manual Batching

A global door seal component manufacturer who sprays anti-friction coatings on rubber components.

The customer manually batched the components, producing expensive coating waste and potential batch ratio errors.

An Autobatch Batch Metering System

The Autobatch Metering System we provided utilizes an Autoquip-manufactured 10 gallon stainless steel sealed and pressurized component A storage day tank.

The A component is agitated with an Autoquip High Efficiency Air Motor and speed controlled with a patented Autoquip Dual Mode Regulator. The tank level is monitored by an Autoquip Ultrasonic level measurement probe and the level displayed on a integrated system HMI (Human Machine Interface) screen.

The B component is stored in a non agitated 2 gallon pressurized vessel also monitored with level probes.

The A and B component are metered into a pressurized batching cylinder. The batch size and component flow rates are adjustable via the HMI. Autoquip Automation selected their 35 cc displacement stainless steel servo driven dispense pump for the metering application of both components. Autoquip de Mexico General Manager Carlos Solano remarked that the Autoquip 35 cc Dispensr metering pumps provide very high resolution. The required 20:1 ratio was easily achieved using the Autoquip technology. In fact Autoquip documented repeated shots within .1 grams or cc.

The two components are blended using an Autoquip Mix Manifold and element static mixer and directed to the customer process vessel.

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